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Stand up comedian

Stuart Laws 2024 tour image insta_edited


Did this show at the Edinburgh Fringe 2023 and it went very well, I'm told. So now it's going on tour and tickets can be bought here:


Confirmed towns so far:

Knaresborough, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff

London, Glasgow, Edinburgh,

Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle

(Cambridge TBC)

Directed by Steve Dunne

In 2019 I did a show at the Edinburgh Fringe, in 2020 I toured that show, that tour got interrupted and then finished at the end of 2021. Then I filmed the show at the Machynlleth Comedy Festival in 2022. Now it's available to watch online, almost 5 years since the first preview of the show.

Please watch, leave a like and a comment for it because I'm very happy with it and would love the brilliant 800 Pound Gorilla who are releasing it to trust that they made the right choice with me.

Thank you to Steve Dunne, Ebdon Management, Plosive, Little Wander, Turtle Canyon Comedy, Monkey Barrel, Molly Stewart, Annie McGrath, Matt Sandstorm, Alastair Clayton, the production crew and countless other people who made this show possible and (in my opinion) really good.

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